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Created At: Aug 27,2017 | By: Tony

Boobs Cams


We know that people are naturally attracted to breasts especially when a woman is wearing a great draw or a revealing outfit. You may be surprised however just how often men and women are regularly checking out your breasts in public. With the help of boobs cams studies performed throughout the UK by a Nestle study it was possible to discover the number of times that a female volunteer was checked out in public.


Over the course of the hidden YouTube video and a quick ride on the train the tracking software picked up 36 glances at the bust of the woman volunteer as she made her way throughout several coffee shops, through the London underground and to our office. The original Nestlé campaign was actually designed to increase breast fairness awareness. By showing the number of times that breasts were checked out through the day on boobs cams it was meant to showcase the awareness of home checking for breast cancer.


Boobs cams aren't showing us anything that we don't know however. Humans have long been fascinated with breasts whether we are infants searching for our next meal or interested in someone for a sexual context. It turns out that there is also a specific breast type that works particularly well at attracting the eye too. The size ratio that men are interested in most are breasts in which 45% of the breast sits above the line of the nipples and 55% sitting below the nipples. This is apparently one of the most distracting breast types as captured on boobs cams.



boobs cams



Similar studies were conducted with a French model using a black button on a cardigan throughout Paris. In a video posted by a boobs cams user a lady heads out to a local café along the streets of Paris. At a single news kiosk and café she is able to rack up over 30 different views of her breasts.


As we can see these are not new statistics and heading out in public especially if you have the ideal breast shape will always lead to a number of people staring. Although it's difficult to spot unless you have boobs cams on, it can be truly shocking when you see the actual results especially from complete strangers. The average woman will have her breasts checked out at least a few times a day and women who have the ideal breast shape are likely getting their breasts checked out tens of times or even hundreds of times in the span of 24 hours. This is just human nature at it's not something that's going to change anytime soon.


If you are interested in seeing natural breasts in a much more comfortable setting that's non-judge mental you should consider tuning into some boobs cams online. Professional cam models can really make the process of checking out the best breasts online easy! There's no worry about getting caught with these professional and amateur models online.


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