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Basic Slang and Acronyms in Adult Webcam Chat Rooms

Get all the info you need to start a live sex webcams with sexy webcam babes and know all the right words and phrases to use. There are thousands of amateur camgirls, busty MILFs and fetish sex cam queens waiting for you on adult webcam chat rooms 24/7, but you need to know which words get them hot and wild. Check out the XXX info below and find out how to get a naughty chick to strip her sexy lingerie and stockings on live hardcore shows, like in I'mlive.

Adult Webcam Chat Rooms - Learn the Basic Chatting Skills

Imagine this: You start talking with a hot camgirl or a big boob MILF in a free live webcam chat. She teases, flirts and show off her nice tits and ass. Things are getting interesting and you get a huge boner that's almost rupturing your pants.
Then the sexy babe types: 

UR so QT BB! go pvrt and U&I do cam2cam!

Don't panic. She is not speaking Dutch. The easy translation is: "you are so cute honey, take me on a private chat, and we can use the cam2cam feature (so I can also see you)". Clear enough, if you know the code, right?

Live webcam chat requires some basic communication skills. First of all, if you're a real cyber virgin, as in "never been chat with before", you need to dig some of the basic concepts. There are several acronyms, symbols and slang you simply can't do without. I want to believe that you know at least half of the words I've decided to put in this category but if there's something I've learned by now is that I should never underestimate my readers' dumbness.I've made a list of basic video chat concepts to help you green guys out there get started.

If you already know you're way around and been doing some chatting before, you are practically set to go. Still, talking about your hobbies with some Asian math student is not exactly like asking a busty sexcam babe to fuck herself with an anal dildo, you know? But fear not: My large dick and I are here to help. All you need are a few specific terms to lead your cock to safety.
Check out my list of XXX cam chat phrases, if you want to get smarter.

And finally - keep it creative. Like SMS or any other form of modern communication, the only important thing is to get the message through. Make stuff up if you feel like it; someone had to think of all those goddamn acronyms to begin with. If you write and people understand you, than be my fucking guest.

I know what you're thinking: Hell, all the blah blah is just foreplay anyway. As soon as you go pvrt, you'll be telling the bitch to shut the fuck up and rap her mouth around something hard and throbbing. Now, I couldn't agree more, but sometimes you need a fast way of telling the slutty chick what to do. This is especially important when you're rubbing your Johnson and about to go boom. The sexy black babes, hot Asians and naughty lesbians that are sitting on their adult webcam chat rooms don't always have the patience or the language skills to figure out what you want. So learning a few standard symbols to help you get the message through make a valuable asset. Take my word for it: You'll be thanking me later.