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WebcamKing.com Review

Read the WebcamKing Review and Save Big on This Private Show Site.

Overall Rating

WebcamKing adult cams is a sweet surprise. Who would have thought that a new private show website could appear in the adult cam arena and take charge over matters? I sure as fuck didn't, and I've been writing adult webcam reviews for years now. Here you get 25% bonus credits each time you buy and the site actually hands you additional credits just for inviting people to join. Oh, and don't get me started on the babes.

These hotties are just the cherry on top, but there’s much more to the site. Here you can get even more than on CamsCreative and ExposedWebcams.

Their tits, their asses, their long sexy legs in the sex cams, but most important of all: The way they treat you, is something that you just ought to try for yourself. This seemingly green live cam player is certainly fixing a new set of rules and the more-established sites would be wise to learn. Now, read my WebcamKing review and go try the free live chat rooms.



And now it's time to talk about everyone's favorite topic, IE: How much do you need to pay for all this hot ass action? Paying for the premium pussies on WebcamKing is a lot cheaper than you'd imagine. WebcamKing.com doesn't only have the hottest, kinkiest, horniest cam models around, it also has incredible deals and unbeatable costs. When you calculate all those promotions that I was kind enough to list down for you (check the Promotion section below), you'll see that the prices are not just low, they are ridiculously low. The average price may still be 0.98-4.98 per minute, but the cost of each credit can be no more than $0.58 or so, and if that's not cheap, I don't know what is. I will explain more about how you can pay less on this site under the Top Promotion section.

Number Of Hosts

WebcamKing.com had more than 700,000 freaking candidates. Yep, I ain’t lying to you: More than 700,000 applicants wanted to be part of WebcamKing.com, and I can't say that I blame them. However, only 40,000 beauties were picked to show off their goods in this exquisite website, and if to believe rumors, they were chosen based on their past shows and user ratings. This means all the mature MILFs, big bust amateurs and bad BAD girls you see on this sexcam site are the best of the best. What a treat, Finally: A live cam website with no fugly chicks and no butter faces. Can you give me a hurrah, because this certainly deserves one.

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Top Promotions

It just tickles me to say this, so I'm going to go right ahead and get it over with: Bow down before the power of the new almighty ruler of the adult webcam world. This monarch however, knows how to take care of his loyal subject and that's by giving them such benefits that no taxes they pay mean anything anymore. OK, enough with this metaphor, but I really couldn't resist. What a cool name, right? Now, let's list the promotions - WebcamKing has a few really amazing ones.

  • Get Extra Sexcam Credits for Buying Credits - The first deal is really the best of them all. This is the bonus credits which you receive automatically every time you make a transaction. And now a translation for my slower readers: Every time you buy credit, you get extra ones on the house. You don't need to do anything, sign up for anything or ask. The extra gifts will be deposited in your account and you can just kiss your lucky star, or anything else you feel like sticking your lips against. Your own ass if you're flexible enough.
  • Invite Buddies to WebcamKing and Get More Nude Camgirl Time - The second promotion is the Bring a Friend benefit. For each friend or acquaintance (no one says you have to like the person) you invite to Webcam King, you will receive a bonus from the site in the form of - you guessed it - more credits. Now is the time to get to know the guys in your office, talk to the neighbors and get in touch with old buddies. All these pals and jackasses can mean more credits in your account, and as a result - more live pussy to toy with.
  • All You Can Eat Pussy with Unlimited Free Live Chat Rooms - On top of the other promotions that I mentioned above, WebcamKing.com also given unlimited free chats to all its members. Yea yea, obviously free live chat is nothing like a private show that you pay for and this site is one of the best private cam sites out there, but it's FREE and it's UNLIMITED. The horny women and slutty amateur girls may not be fully nude at this stage, but they are going to be naughty and sexy and work their sweet asses off to convince you that their pussy is hotter than any other slit around. Don't know about you, but I sure like to watch them try.

Types Of Membership

WebcamKing.com has just a single type of membership and even that is not really a membership, since you never need to pay for it and there is no onetime or reoccurring fee. As is always the case on my adult webcam review, I will list what this option includes.

Free Registered Member on WebcamKing.com

The WebcamKing review seems to be repeating a single word: Free, but the truth is that on this private show site, a lot of stuff is on the house. Once you become a member you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited free live chat rooms
  • Access to the camgirls' profiles
  • Watch group and private show rooms, if you're willing to pay for it
  • Receive up to 25% bonus on credits you purchase
  • Invite your buddies and recieve bonus credit when they buy credit
  • Stream sex videos and amateur porn pics
  • Stream recorded sex cam shows
  • Use all of the sites' features

Special Features

WebcamKing.com sex cams doesn't have a lot of exclusive features, but it does have all the ones you'd expect to find on a high-quality website. Notice that there are useful icons that inform you if a specific hot camgirl has sex toys, HD cams or other special tools. As I said, nothing here is a real mind-blower, but here are 3 features that I think are worth mentioning.

  • Flash Live Chat Rooms
  • My Host, which is seemingly a feature that appears for the first time on my adult web cams reviews, is actually a combo of recognized features such as Favorite list and Recently Visited.
  • One-click credit purchase - Allows you to buy additional credits even while the private show continues and without pausing for more than 10 seconds or so.

Site Navigation

When I did my WebcamKing review I quickly noticed that getting around this adult webcam site is incredibly easy. It is obvious that this free live chat site has done some serious research in what users appreciate and what they like to avoid and you can easily locate any category and any type of naked private show.