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Beginner's F.F.A.Q - Fucking Frequently Asked Questions

For all you first timers on the sex webcams wild-ride, here are a few frequently asked questions and some simple enough answers to get you started.

Q - What is an adult live webcam site?

A - Basically, they are sites with anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand webcam models or hosts, such as I'mlive.
The hosts are mostly women, but the majority of sites also offer male performers, couples, shemales (transgender) and fetish hosts that cover just about any sexual niche or desire. 

Q - Sounds great, but what do the hosts do?

A - This is the fun part. When you're in a live webcam session with a sexy babe or guy, you're the boss and get to call pretty much all the shots. Based on his/her/their profile, request what you'd like and go from there! Don't get all crazy on them, if you know what I mean. If your sexual boat likes to float on exotic waters, then find the right stream for you, got it? 

Q - So how does it work? 

A - Easy. Find a sexy cam site and either sign up or register. Peruse relevant categories, find your preferred performer and let the games begin. 

Q - Pay? I need to pay? 

A - Of course! You wouldn't expect these talented individuals to starve, right? These webcam hosts are there to put out as long as you're keeping up your end of the financial bargain. But, getting what you think is your money's worth is your responsibility. Categories range from wild and horny to naked and nasty, but if you want to tackle a big cat, make sure you've got the bait. 

Q - Register? Holy cow. Pay and register, WTF?

A - Don't look surprised, of course you need to forfeit some details and register. How else do you expect to pay those lush babes? Enter a site, and have a look around. If you like what you see, give it a thorough inspection. 

TIf the site fails to impress, you might have to hightail it 'outta there. Sadly, it does happen! But should you decide that you want to get it on with a webcam goddess, you'll need to register your ass. It's painless, I promise. Fill in a short form with your name, details and decide how you want to pay. 

The easiest way to pay for your online erotica is with plastic. Start teasing hosts with the dazzle of your razzle, know what I mean? 

Q - What if I'm into the kinky stuff, like BDSM or fetishes?

A- Funny you should ask, 'cause it just so happens that these sites are stocked with everything you need. Into mature women? Go straight to the MILF section, do not stop at Tranny - you will not collect $100 - it might in fact cost you that if you do! A sucker for feet? There are plenty of cam hotties to offer up their heels. But if donning a cock ring for a strapping, vinyl dressed dom is your thing, you can make it happen on livecam. 

Q - Where are the shows and parties?

A- Happily, selected cam sites have shows and fucking festivities, i.e. Jacuzzi parties and horny housewives to name but a few. Imlive.com had the hottest vinyl & latex party the other day, it was smoking - literally! I've got rubber burn on my ass that proves it.