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How to Pay on Adult Webcam Sites without Putting Yourself at Risk

Many users wonder if it's safe to pay on adult webcams sites or if they will be putting themselves at a huge risk. The simple answer is that you can easily pay on adult webcams sex sites safely, just as long as you know how to do it right. The internet is full of scammers, so you need to keep your eyes open and know what to look out for. Read the following tips and follow my advice and you won't have to worry about a thing.

Choose Only Reliable Webcam Sex Chat Sites

This seems almost too obvious to mention, but I am amazed time and again seeing users just jump on the first sexchat site they happened to come by or following some flashing banner that they saw on some dodgy XXX tube. Now sure, being an idiot is not against the law, but for fuck's sake: If you choose a site you've never even heard about and then give it your CC details, don't come crying that you got hoaxed. The best way to avoid such inconveniences is to read top cam sites reviews before signing up to a site. All of the websites that appear on my chart are reliable, have been thoroughly tested and evaluated and you can see for yourself the differences in costs, number of live sex cams and features.

Use Safe Payment Methods

There are many ways for you to pay on top cam sites: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal and various E-wallets and E-Checks. It's best to use payment processors that you know, or, alternatively, choose a reliable website where you know all the processors and payment options will be reliable. Keep in mind that in some cases specific payment options will only be made available to users from specific regions. For example, at ImLive.com European users can pay with DirecteBanking, UKash, paySafeCard and Neosurf (as shows in the screenshot), but North American users will not even see these options.

Note that reliable top cam sites will not mention their actual name on the billing form, which is important because some men have angry, vengeful wives and girlfriends that from some reason fail to see that a live sex cams chat is not the same as cheating. Some general info line stating that you've paid such and such for computer services is a lot less problematic.

Don't be Reckless with Your Personal Details

Even if you do choose a serious, reliable site such as the huge WebcamKing, the splendid ImLive or the every so friendly MyFreeCams, you still need to stay cautious. Remember: Most of the sexy camgirls you see online are just amateur babes. You don't know who they are or what their motives are and no matter how quickly they take their panties off, they have no business knowing your personal details, your address or your cc number. Now I know that this is easier said than done. Men have brains and penises but only enough power to work one at a time. But please, I beg ya, try and keep your privacy in mind and don't hand out your personal info to a perfect stranger, even if she is nude and gorgeous.

Pay for Sex Chats with Site's Credits

There are a few adult webcams chat communities that allow users to pay for private sex cams chats both with credits (AKA tokens), which is the site's currency, and with direct billing. Even though purchasing credits seems like a waste of time, it gives you much better control over your funds and helps you know how much your spending, instead of seeing 10 different bills for 10 different live sex cams shows without remembering which is which. Nowadays most sites let you add funds to your account in a click or two, so there is really no reason not to use it.

But Credit in Bulks

As I mentioned repeatedly throughout this article, choosing a reliable top cam sites is the most important step you can take. Yet it doesn't hurt to be able to track the payments you make and to check your bills once in awhile. If you buy big amounts of credits once every month or more, than you have a better control over your expenses than you do if you purchase $20 worth of credit every time you feel like chatting. If you buy bigger credit packages you will achieve two goals: You will be able to notice and unusual billing and you will save some cash because sites tend to offer the large packages with a nice discount.