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Created At: Sep 05,2017 | By: Tony

Round Ass Cams

If you want to have a nice, big, round ass cams, it’s time to work for it! After all, a pair of nice, round, perky glutes are an asset difficult to overestimate, turning heads and breaking hearts.

Getting a round ass is no easy task, mind you – especially if you’re not exactly blessed with perfect genetics in this area. This is not to say that obtaining a round ass of your dreams is impossible, as many guys and girls have achieved their booty goals by following the programme we’re about to share.

That’s right – if you have the motivation, dedication and a strong desire to work your butt off (quite literally!) for the next month, we have an awesome 30-day plan to offer. Of course, if you want the newly obtained round ass to stay amazing, you’ll have to incorporate these tips into your regular lifestyle. We believe that this is one of those awesome dreams worth sweating for, so why not get started today?

Oh, and one more thing – whilst “eating clean” is all nice and healthy in general, diet alone is not enough to get a nice round ass cams, and neither are the mainstream girly exercises such as bodyweight squats, lunges and donkey kicks. We can’t stress enough that building a nice butt is a lot of work. We mean it – A LOT!


round ass cams



It doesn’t make it easier that there are much more wrong “butt building” regimens out there than there are great ones. For instance, what’s up with all those cardio exercise plans with pretentious names such as “Brazilian Butt” and the like? Or exhausting treadmill runs?

See, although it may seem reasonable to set your glutes on fire by jumping around, climbing and walking, in fact it won’t help you get that nice round ass you’re after. This is the same way of thinking as doing thousands of crunches to get a six pack! Targeted fat loss doesn’t work, period. Run away from anyone who tells you otherwise!

The same goes to sprints. That’s true that sprinters generally have nice asses, so many people assume that sprinting might be doing the trick. Nope! This is not how these people get their impressive glutes. And don’t forget that many sprinters lift heavy weights, speaking of which…

Here is our secret.

If you want to build a beautiful round ass, it’s time to get into heavy compound weightlifting. And by heavy, we mean really heavy – like, 80 to 85% of your one-rep max (if you’re not sure what that means, time to talk to your trainer).

So, there you have it – the only way to get an awesome butt is to get into squatting with heavy weights, as well as supplementary work including hip thrusts, glute kickbacks, and split squats. Focus on gradually increasing your weights and completing sets with good form, and results will come, guaranteed.

Here’s a challenge for you – for the next 30 days, incorporate the exercises outlined above into your gym routine, and you’ll get a nice round ass!


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