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15 Questions With Cosplay Cam Star Lana Rain

March 22, 2024 | 78 Views
Lana Rain

ManyVids rising star Lana Rain has not just redefined the realms of cosplay and camming but has elevated them to new levels.

Normally, companies kickstart interviews with a generic list of stats or quirky facts about a model. But this time, Penthouse chose a different route, delving straight into the heart of the matter with Lana Rain, and the result is a rarity in the realm of model interviews. Such depth of insight is a treasure, one that Lana Rain graciously shares her fans and viewers.

So, let's dive in.

Q: When did you start creating content?

Embarking on her content creation journey in 2015, Lana Rain's evolution from live streaming to content creation was a natural progression. It was her personality, attitude, and creativity that made her stand out, as well as her passion for social interactions. In her free time she got really into developing her photo and video editing skills, which made her content all that much more interactive and engaging.

Q: When did you start to get into anime?

Anime, for Lana Rain, wasn't just a pastime; it was a sanctuary from the mundane. Delving into the intricacies of storytelling and world-building, anime provided solace in a world that often felt bewildering and shallow. Its attention to detail, vibrant characters, and deep, unique narratives offered a refuge from the superficiality of Western cartoons. Anime was far more up Lana’s alley, it aligns perfectly with her bright and creative spirit, which makes all the more sense when you think about who she is as a creator.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for your content?

For Lana Rain, the world of cosplay intertwines seamlessly with her content creation process. Selecting characters she resonates with, she delves into their stories, infusing her videos with narratives that amplify their essence.

“I don’t know if I could have been as creative as I am without being able to cosplay for my videos. There is something fun about picking a character — since I already love to cosplay — and then figuring out what kind of story I could apply to that character after researching the story they are from and their personality.”

Q: Who are your top five favorite characters to cosplay?

Rei Ayanami Plugsuit (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Motoko Kusanagi (GitS: SAC [Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex]), Exusiai (Arknights), Shinobu (Demon Slayer), and Bowsette (Super Mario)—each character is a canvas for Lana Rain's creative expression, and is a physical representation of the traits she admires and stories she cherishes.

Q: What food have you never eaten but want to try?

Lana’s passion for food goes far and wide - her culinary wishlist includes everything from sea urchin pasta to exotic Southeast Asian fruits. Her list reflects her thirst for unique experiences and her wonderfully outgoing personality, and her passion for making connections worldwide - an excellent trait for a livecam girl.

“I have a close friend who swears by the fact that mangoes in the Philippines taste so much better that she says it’s basically a different fruit.”

Q: Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

From Rain’s perspective, it's not a question of belief; it's about embracing the boundless potential that awaits us. In a universe where our understanding barely scratches the surface, the endless possibilities are captivating.

Q: What movie can you watch over and over again?

The anticipation of new experiences makes Lana Rain find her dose of entertainment not in watching the same thing over and over, but rather in immersing herself in things she has never experienced, or watched, before.

Q: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Expecting nothing less of the ManyVids star, with her composed and critical approach to everything she asks, “Does everyone else have superpowers, or am I the only one?” following with, “If it’s the latter, then it would have to be teleportation because it doesn’t intrude upon other people’s perception of how reality works, on top of still being able to play into normal life.”

Lana Rain

Q: What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?

Megalodon, with its awe-inspiring terror, holds a peculiar allure for Lana Rain. This powerful and terrifying beast lurks in the depths of Lana's fears (and perhaps desires?).

Q: What type of content can someone expect to see when they subscribe to your VIP FanClub on ManyVids?

Lana Rain's VIP FanClub offers a glimpse into her intimate world, with short masturbation clips catering to raw and authentic clips rather than intricate scripted videos.

Q: What game have you spent the most hours playing?

Gaming isn't something Lana does all that much, surprisingly. While she appreciates competitive games, she doesn’t get into them all that much, especially considering her big goals and super packed schedule. Nowadays, if she plays a game, she opts for a story-driven one like those found in the NieR franchise. One great memory she has from her childhood is playing Pokémon Silver. Even though she didn’t speak much English, she couldn’t help but play the game over and over again.

“I didn’t know how to read English when I was five because I was put in a French school. So, my silly young self had the genius idea to restart the game countless times to figure it out and see if I could do anything different to get past certain points. That Sudowoodo pretending to be a tree pained my existence.”

Q: Where was your favorite travel destination?

The cam star surprisingly has not traveled much, but Colorado's majestic landscapes left a permanent mark on her spirit. The experience of travelling to the Estest Park mountain range lit a fire in her to explore more of the world's natural wonders, and she dreams of purchasing a home in a beautiful location like it one day.

Q: Do you speak multiple languages? If so, which ones?

Lana Rain, a Quebec native, began her language journey with French before embracing English. She's now set her sights on mastering either Chinese or Japanese in the future.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

It is art that gives Lana Rain peace despite her busy schedule. Though she hasn't had as much time to devote to this hobby as she'd like, she hopes to do more in the future.

“This year, I plan to put more focus and hours into it, which I am honestly really looking forward to. I don’t really have time to do casual things like play video games or watch stuff unless I absolutely want to watch something, but I consider even that as productive time since I use it as well needed inspiration.”

Q: What is a quirk you have that no one knows about?

Lana Rain's hyperfocus, which comes from her Asperger's, is both a blessing and a curse—a hidden trait that she uses to fuel her passions.

As the curtains draw on this captivating conversation, Lana Rain's colorful persona continues to intrigue and inspire. You can visit her ManyVids profile, and follow her on X.com to stay updated.

Lana Rain

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