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Cam Star Samantha Jones: How To Stay On Top Of Your Game

March 26, 2023 | 332 Views
Samantha Jones

Workouts and meditation are my main focus against stress. Workouts are non-negotiable most mornings, since my body is my money maker. Not to mention what it does for your mental state. This in turn naturally drives me to eat better and attracts good paying clients. It’s fun to be sexy and have body definition. There’s no off season when you’re an entertainer. Meditation is a wonderful tool for calming and manifesting. The power of intention is huge. I actually love researching about quantum physics and putting what I learn into practice.

Samantha Jones

In a recent interview, webcam and Youtube star Samantha Jones, a next-generation model, influencer, media personality, and entertainer known for her love for endless adventures spoke to Medium about what it takes for her to be so successful.

Samantha grew up in Georgina, Ontario, where she lived in the rural countryside yearning for more excitement. She has since settled in Toronto and made a name for herself as a vegan animal rights activist, psychedelic enthusiast, and former competitive equestrian and exotic dancer. She has appeared in Playboy Croatia and Hustler and has gained popularity on OnlyFansonlyfans.com/samanthawowjones, Streamate, and her own SamanthaJones site, where she has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 10 million views.

Curious about how Samantha juggles all her endeavors? Keep reading to discover her secret.

As an influencer, Samantha has achieved remarkable success in a career that many people have attempted but eventually gave up on. When asked for advice for others who want to follow this career path but worry that their dreams might not come true, she said that first and foremost, it has to be your passion.

She loves creating content on YouTube and considers it her true calling. Her other media ventures are her main money makers, including her personal site, cam site, and OnlyFans. Samantha advises finding a balance between posting consistently without burning out. She also recommends constantly trying to improve while leaving room for off days. She admits that her YouTube journey has been a long game, and she owes her success to consistency and mentors who guide her.

Samantha Jones

Success requires effective strategies, and Samantha has mastered this art and built a large, engaged, and loyal online community. Initially, Samantha attracted views by making bikini videos showcasing her body, but she diversified her content by seeking inspiration from other models and expanding her topics of interest. She often watches her favorite YouTubers of her age group in different countries to stay updated on their activities and lifestyles. Samantha posts frequently but avoids being overly pushy, and responds to people online when they leave a positive comment. The fact that her content has gone viral doesn't mean it is the most important thing to her. Samantha recommends utilizing tags, trends, and themes to increase viewership, but she doesn't prioritize TikTok, which she considers mind-numbing. She feels more connected to her audience when she shares her perspective through YouTube while exploring the world.

We are all human, and we all make mistakes, especially when trying to pursue a new career path. Her first experience with exotic dancing taught her a lesson. She bought the highest stripper shoes with no ankle support, and hobbled around and shuffled on stage until she couldn’t get back on the pole. She learned that it's always essential to wear comfortable shoes.

Samantha Jones

Samantha's body is her money-maker, so she prioritizes her workouts and meditation to manage her stress levels. She finds workouts non-negotiable most mornings and believes that they boost her mental-state. Additionally, she says having a well-defined and attractive physique adds to the fun of being an entertainer, and meditation is a fantastic tool for finding inner peace and manifesting one's desires.

“I have a keen interest in quantum physics and enjoy researching its practical application in my meditation routine. The power of intention is immense and holds great significance in my life.”

Samantha strives to maintain a strict bedtime to ensure she has time to read in the morning. She also actively seeks out new experiences to stimulate herself in unique ways, such as collaborating with new photographers or experimenting with different mindfulness practices. Maintaining open communication with her partner and prioritizing emotional wellness are also her top priorities. “I learned early on that it’s important to keep yourself constantly inspired, and that’s become one of my main mantras in life.”

Self-care is essential for maintaining good mental wellness, and Samantha makes sure to take good care of herself. When asked about what practices she uses to feel beautiful and stay on top of her game, she listed:

1. Be kind to yourself and don't stress about perfection. 2. Treat yourself to beauty services. 3. Focus on a healthy diet and exercise/mindfulness practices to feel good from the inside out. 4. Socialize and reduce stress for a happier outlook on life. 5. Wear clothes that flatter you and don't be afraid to embrace color.

“As an influencer, there are resources and mentors that have helped shape my brand. Lydia Dupra, also known as the Heaux mentor, has been a major influence in taking my brand from average to high-end. Her tutorial videos continue to inspire me to this day.”

To end the interview, Samantha spoke about her plans for the future. “I hope to inspire a movement that moves beyond the victim mentality and shows the broader spectrum of the sex industry, one that recognizes the agency of those who choose to be in it and love it. I try to promote this openness on mainstream platforms and am planning to volunteer at SWAP, a sex worker outreach program.”

To find and follow Samantha, head to her Twitter samanthawowjone, check out her camming profile, YouTube, and more here.

Samantha Jones

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