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From Nurse To Topless Maid: Amber Page's Journey

September 28, 2023 | 435 Views
Amber Page

“I'm a topless maid making $1k a week – trolls tell me to find God but boobs are boobs.”

Amber Page, a 23-year-old nurse from Boston, Massachusetts, has chosen an unconventional side hustle that's raised eyebrows but also raked in extra cash. Amber runs "Bougie Boss Cleaning Services," offering clients the unique experience of topless cleaning sessions in their homes for $199 an hour. While some may raise eyebrows at her venture, Amber is unapologetic and stands up to her critics.

Despite working full-time as a nurse, Amber decided to explore a different avenue for extra income. Her topless cleaning business has become quite the success, netting her $1,000 a month while dedicating just a couple of days each week to her saucy side gig.

However, not everyone in her life was initially on board with her unconventional career choice. When Amber's mother learned of her new venture, she expressed concerns about her safety and the nature of the work. In response, Amber made a compelling argument, likening her topless cleaning to a common medical experience.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Amber recalled her conversation with her mother: "I was like, 'Mom, boobs are boobs.' I'm like 'Do you know how many people have seen our boobs? You've done the same thing every time you go to a doctor's office to get a mammogram, you whip them out and it's no problem. What's the difference if a few people see it inside their house?' and she goes 'Okay, I guess that makes sense'."

Amber Page

Amber turned to social media to promote her unique cleaning services and was taken aback by the overwhelming demand. However, the online world is not always kind, and Amber has encountered her fair share of critics and trolls.

Amber expressed her perspective on the matter: "I will never please every single person no matter what decision I make. I could say I saved a baby raccoon, and you'll have half of the internet saying 'That's great,' and then you'll always have another half of the internet saying, 'You're gonna destroy the raccoon's life, it needs to be in the wild.'"

She added that the same divided responses apply to her TikTok posts: "I'm gonna have half the people saying, 'Girl, get your bag' and they're like, 'Yeah, that's so awesome.' And then you have another side where people are like, 'You need to go to church, you need to find God,' or they call me all kinds of god-awful names."

Despite the criticism and skepticism, Amber continues to be determined and resilient. She lives for herself and those close to her, recognizing that it's impossible to please everyone. In the end, she prioritizes the opinions of the people who genuinely matter in her life, staying true to her unapologetic and unique side hustle.

Check out Amber’s personal Twitter or browse through her professional Bougie Boss Cleaning Instagram page.

Amber Page

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