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Lola Rose: The Adult Content & Webcam Queen

April 24, 2023 | 388 Views
Lola Rose

“I used to think I had to do lots of different types of videos and fetishes to appeal to everyone, but now I’ve realized my fans just want me to film what I’m actually into. A video always looks better if I’m really enjoying myself!”

Lola Rose was studying journalism at a university and working part-time at a pub when she stumbled upon a documentary about camming five years ago. Intrigued by the idea, she started researching and eventually started streaming on Chaturbate after her classes or work hours. To her surprise, she quickly discovered that she was making more money camming than from her part-time job. After a few months, she quit working at the pub and focused more on her education.

Initially, Lola didn't realize that camming could be a full-time career, so after finishing school, she kept applying for marketing jobs that she wasn't entirely excited about. However, she continued camming and uploading to ManyVids. Gradually, she put more effort into camming and less into job searching, and eventually, online sex work became her full-time job. When she joined OnlyFans a few years ago, she stopped camming and focused on making clips.

Now, Lola is adept at analyzing her data and offers various content options for her fans. She has a cheaper OnlyFans account centered on pay-per-view content and a more expensive no-PPV subscription account where fans can access her premium feed right away. She creates role-playing content and submissive videos that her fans love and also interacts casually with them on Twitch. Lola values authenticity and knows that her fans can tell when she's genuinely enjoying herself.

In an interview with XBIZ, she discusses her content-selling strategies, social media marketing, personal branding, and how she has evolved as a content creator over the years.

Lola Rose

Content-Selling Strategies

Rose releases the same videos across all her platforms. The same video will get sent as a PPV (pay-per-view) on her cheap OnlyFans, posted straight to her wall on her no-PPV, more expensive OnlyFans, and uploaded to her ManyVids store for fans to download.

Her lower-priced OnlyFans works more like a clip store, but with some extras such as photos/teasers, messaging, live shows, and weekly vlogs, all included in the $10 subscription price. Fans also have the option of unlocking full-length videos, paying for sexting, and ordering custom content if they like.

Her no-PPV page is $40 and has 100-plus full-length videos ready to watch on her wall, plus four new ones uploaded weekly. There are no photos or teasers, just full-length videos. Her revenue on her no-PPV page just comes from subscriptions, but on her cheaper page, she gets money from subscriptions, live shows, tips, custom orders, and PPVs.

Every time Rose sends out a new PPV on her cheaper OnlyFans, she tells her fans that they could watch it for free on her no-PPV page if they subscribe there.

On ManyVids, Rose's fans love role-play, especially if it's taboo, such as stepbro/sis, daddy, cheating on my husband, babysitters, or anything to do with virginity. They also love her ass, so simple oiled-up dildo-riding and POV boy/girl reverse cowgirl clips sell really well for her too. And bonus points if it shows off her ass and is a taboo role-play! She doesn't think a specific length of video sells more than another for her. She thinks it depends on how you price it. So a shorter video will be cheaper and sell just as many copies as a longer, more expensive clip.

Social Media Marketing

Rose has noticed that her fans really like it when they get a "behind the scenes" look into her life. She posts mini vlogs on TikTok, which show her making content with people, going to get tested, editing content, going to the gym, and doing normal day-to-day things like going shopping, and she thinks it really helps to show her personality while also subtly advertising her work, but in an SFW (safe for work) way.

She tries to do the same on Instagram stories, giving people a look into her life and also inviting them to ask questions. She tries to answer them as honestly as she can. She thinks being yourself is the most important thing on social media, and people really connect with that. It's the best way to get subscribers that want to stick around.

Twitter is a lot more fun because she doesn't have to be SFW. She can just tweet uncensored things about her life, and fans love the midnight tweets about getting cum in her eye again. She also just like to post lots of pictures of her ass on there because it gets the best engagement.

Personal Branding

Rose always tries to be herself and completely natural. She's a nerdy, big-booty British girl-next-door in real life and in porn. People always say she looks innocent, so she thinks it's fun to play that up in her content. And she's completely submissive, so she mostly keeps it that way in her content too.

Lola Rose

In conclusion, Lola Rose has come a long way from her part-time job at a pub to becoming a successful content creator in the adult industry. Her journey has taught her that authenticity is key, and her fans appreciate it when she truly enjoys the content she creates. Lola's content-selling strategies are clever, and her social media marketing skills have helped her grow her brand. She values her fans and interacts with them in a casual way that makes them feel connected to her. If you're looking for a content creator who is genuine and creates high-quality content, Lola Rose is the one to watch!

Find her on Twitter to stay up to date.

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