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Temptation Island: It's Wild Even For A Cam Girl

July 26, 2021 | 1873 Views
Nina König photoshoot

On "Temptation Island” couples are faced with the ultimate loyalty test.

Inside the luxurious beach villa in Maui, Hawaii, four troubled couples are separated and surrounded by hot singles to test their commitment to their relationships. The job of 24 hot single guys and gals is to do everything in their power to tempt the couples into being unfaithful. But unfortunately, viewers don't get to see everything they’d like to on TV.

Luckily, webcam girl Nina König has revealed to us just how wild things get behind the scenes.

"Temptation Island": Nina König unpacks about the loyalty test show

Nina was very open about her time at “Temptation Island”. When talking about the men there, she had nothing negative to say; after all, there was one of every kind.

"From the arrogant muscleman to the stripper to the constantly drunken party freak, everything was there. I like men, that should be known, and these four were really nice to look at. One of them even chose me in the beginning.”

When asked about sexual activities in the house, the webcam model was hesitant. "I am not allowed to say anything about that. Only this much: My work as a camgirl plays no role in what happened on 'Temptation Island'. It was amazing that I was judged by other participants for my job, because I found that they were the ones pushing boundaries when trying to seduce other participants. "

Tension builds behind the scenes of "Temptation Island".

During the shoot, plenty of alcohol flower and things got steamy – just as we’d all expect them to.

"Of course, that's no secret. The men were very fond of alcohol. But you have to remember that we were all under a lot of pressure."

Anyone who thought that the candidates would only be filmed now and then while having some time to relax in the villa is wrong. There is not one minute during the day that they are not being filmed. This was when the participants true faces were revealed.

"It was exciting to see what can actually be hidden behind beautiful facades. That showed once again that a good character is the most important thing."

Things weren’t all that smooth for the girls on the show. Coldness, backstabbing, and classic bitch fights became a part of every episode. Nina told us that she didn’t get close with the others because it would only make her life more difficult. “Each one of us is a lone fighter,” she said.

Unfortunately Nina did not stay to tempt the four men in season three for long because of an unexpected pregnancy! She reported that the team took it very well and were very supportive of her. While we will miss the webcam star, this event will not be putting a stop to her reality TV show debuts, “I think I’d like to try being in The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Love Island or something. That would be great!”

Have you already watched the third season? If you haven’t yet, follow “Temptation Island” socials to find out where and when to watch!

Nina König Temptation Island seductress 2021

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