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What Are The 5 Types Of Customers At Sex Cams Sites?

July 28, 2019 | 2783 Views

Whether you are working for the sex cams sites or you simply want to know what are the common types of customers that can be found in those platforms, then you have surely landed on the right page. Plenty of users indeed visit the cam sites on a daily basis. Those customers can be broadly classified into five major categories. So, do you now want to know more about these five types of customers that are often found at any sex webcam sites? If yes, then you should keep reading as this article is going to reveal more details about them in the following sections.

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i) Potentially Great: This type number one i.e. potentially great customers may not be easy to find. It's true that they may be rarely available. But, they are considered to be the best customers at any web cams site. Not only they usually offer the webcam models a huge amount of tips, but also they do not ask for many things in return. If you are a cam girl, then do not forget to give a lot of attention to these types of customers and try to fulfill their words. Most of them will try to become friendly with you, rather than considering you just a sex object.

ii) Good to Deal With: This is the type number two customers that are really good to deal with. These guys may have one thing in common i.e. they aren't completely happy in their current relationship, personal life, or professional life. For example, some of them can be under-appreciated by their partners and wives. Whereas, some of them can be under valued by their bosses. These customers visit sex cams websites in search of a caring, sensitive, and sympathetic girl who will converse with them and understand their desires and needs.

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iii) Cheap Stakes: If you are working for cam sites, then you may often encounter this type of customers too. They are called as cheap stakes as they tend to demand many things without paying the price for it. These guys have a very common tendency i.e. they do not want to spend much money. At the same time, they expect to get their every demand fulfilled. Webcam models need to push them for spending money before fulfilling their demands.

iv) Worse than Cheap Stakes: Unfortunately, these customers are even worse than cheap stakes. Rest assured that they have zero intention to pay the price/money. All they want to get everything completely for free. Webcam models should avoid these types of customers and do not spend much time on them.

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iv) Extremely Rude and Impolite: Unluckily, there may be some extremely rude and ill-mannered customers that can visit sex cam websites. This is the type number five customers who are impolite, irritating, and discourteous. Being a web cam model, if you ever encounter this type of people, do not hesitate to give them a straight-forward warning. If they still continue to irritate you, it's better to block and ban them completely.

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