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Zoey Andrews On Live Sex Chat

July 26, 2018 | 2687 Views

Since technology is expanding at a very high rate, the sex cam industry is also growing and improving day by day. A few years ago, porn stars used to pre-record their offerings then posting them online. These pre-recorded videos were mostly pirated thus such porn stars never used to get as much money as expected from the video clips.

However, most models are moving fast from pre-recorded videos to live webcam, thanks to the new technological trends. In best live sex cams, hot models connect to clients and offer them direct services. This has dramatically improved the pornography industry regarding clients and income generation.

Zoey Andrews sex show

Many models are therefore earning stable and significant income through live sex cam. These real-time sex cam girls love what they do, and their primary focus is ensuring that their clients are satisfied at all times. Zoey Andrews is one of the models who has greatly established her career as well as image through this business.

Who is Zoey Andrews Porn Star?

A 45 years old English speaking US citizen, Zoey is a bisexual female porn star who is among the well-known porn stars in the industry. She is approximately 1.78 meters tall and weighs 91 kilograms or 200 pounds. She has blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and completely bald pussy hair. She has several fetishes that she likes showcasing to her clients. The obsessions include role-play, anal, gagging, cuckold and stockings or nylons.

What does Zoey Andrews live cam entail?

Zoey is a real live adult pornography movie star who specializes mostly in hardcore porn. She works alone, and her main aim is ensuring that his clients get exactly what they have been yearning for.

During her performance, you are likely to see a lot of foot fetish, her specialty. You will also expect to see her squirting, which most clients cherish. Additionally, Zoey likes anal and deep-throating thus she makes sure that her performance is centered on the areas that excite her clients most.

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Zoey Andrews’s anal live cams are very exciting and enticing, and most clients tend to tip her for it, among the other arousing performances. She has a unique way of making her clients yearn for more.

Her preferences

If you want to excite this famous porn star, you should be bald, have tattoos, have a big enticing cock and be extremely confident but not arrogant. She is also excited by men with small cocks as well as cocks of any color. A man who knows how to appreciate a woman will easily win her pussy. Zoey also likes it when a man is not afraid to act like a real man and be ready to explore.

Her skills in sex

Andrews has built a name for herself in the pornography industry. She has worked in this industry for a long time. Thus she has a lot of experience and has even managed to open her amateur site that is easy to register and navigate. Most of her followers have joined this site because it offers the best porn performances that cut across the likes, interests, and preferences of many people.

She has also featured in several DVDs as well as websites. It is through such projects that she has gained a lot of experience and followers who love her shows. Any new person who joins her sites or watches her live shows on this sex cam website gets a discount. She never disappoints, and the discounts she offers is something most clients do not want to miss out on.

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Her schedule

Andrews is a very active performer who is highly flexible. She is reachable on her cell phone thus even if you find her offline; she is easily reachable by sending her a text. She works on schedule, whereby she works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are unscheduled for which means she can offer live performances if requested by a client. She also provides private sessions to specific clients who love interacting with her for maximum satisfaction.

For the people who still think that they cannot earn a living through pornography, Zoey Andrews and other live cam models are very successful in this industry. So long as you know what your clients want, deliver what they want, be available upon request and become more innovative, you are assured that clients will fall for you and you will grow like Zoey.

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