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Created At: Apr 15,2017 | By: Tony

Get to know Angela White

It really takes a specific level of hotness in order to become a porn star. On the other hand, Angela White took that sexiness and tossed it over the edge. She is one of the hottest and in demand porn star in Australia at this point in time. She used to work in Imlive. Imlive is one of the popular cam sites.


Angela White is an extremely sexy, hot and skilled porn star. This amazing porn start grew up in a big family. She is the eldest and during her teenage years she was very introvert. She loved horses and cats and love to read horror novels. She was scared of sex. But now, she enjoyed it! She loves to entertain people using her sexy and hourglass body.



Angela White also stands out that not only in sex performance but also in physical features. No doubt she was named as one of the best port star in Australia today and now conquering the world of adult movie all over the world. Her innocent look and kissable lips will surely drive you crazy. Her big boobs and amazing behind will surely blow your mind away.


Angela is already 28 years old. But her looks will deceive you. She looks young and fresh. Her skin is smooth and silky.  At the young age, she was playing sexual games with some of her friends from a young age. In fact, this porn star kissed her Bf when she was 13 and had sex at the age of 15 with an older woman. Angela is indeed a sexy, hot and skilled porn star!