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Created At: Mar 16,2017 | By: Tony

Cam Girls Toward Virtual Reality 

Technical advancement has never failed to influence the porn industry. In fact, it has always been in the forefront. It is actually responsible for making the VCR a household item this has also created a demand for speedy net connections so that the people could stream the sexy videos. The current and big next step is the virtual reality. Sexier site camgirls are also using VR glasses sometimes and so are the users. Sexier is also one of the biggest cam sites.


It is estimated that the market will grow hugely by 2020. This is because of the cam girls who perform live for the audiences. They are helping to move the technology in the forward direction.  A Switzerland-based virtual reality camera company Terpon has promised to give Artemis and Hermes 3D-VR webcams to the camming community members. By getting the cam models the virtual reality studios they would be more in the virtual reality. Thus with them, the sex toys are becoming more virtual.



Most of the giveaway devices are for the top independent cam models. These are the websites that have already made partnerships with the companies. The other part is reserved for the studios that are interested in working with them. The rest of the cameras will go to the performers. This is because Terpon intends to promote their rental program.  The company gives out the cameras at $30 a month. This prevents the consumers from buying cameras that get advanced versions only a few months after they buy them.


These cameras would make the viewers have an immersive experience with the 3K video stream, image broadcasting and fast moving pictures in the movies.