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Created At: Feb 20,2017 | By: Tony

CamSoda Cam Site Announces OhRoma

CamSoda recently announced the OhRoma, their VR-compatible scent-mask capable of injecting smells of perfume, roses and even private parts to add to people’s VR webcamming experience. CamSoda, a NSFW webcam site, created this new integration to VR webcamming experience in order to “enhance the experience of our fans,” their CEO said. Some will say Camsida is one of the best cam sites. Cam sites such as livejasmin.com are one of the well-known cam sites.


According to CamSoda, they are always in pursuit of technology capable of challenging the boundaries of people’s imaginations. Following that, they wanted to provide their fans with sensory stimulus in many dimensions as they can. Believing virtual reality to play a critical role this 2017, they seek t enhance the experience of their fans and so OhRoma was produced.


With OhRoman, uses will be able to smell exactly what they are hearing and seeing. “Quite simply, OhRoma takes the virtual reality experience to the next level. It’s unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before, delivering a heightened sensation of pure unadulterated ecstasy, allowing them to completely immerse themselves in the experience, and we’re excited for our fans to try it out,” said Daron Lundeen, President of CamSoda.


In many aspects, porn is ahead in terms of technology being the first to offer some of the first home video offerings. With the introduction of OhRoma, people might soon expect VR camming complete not only with odors but even tactile sensations. OhRoma is truly a fascinating idea, for you to exist inside a virtual reality world with a naked lady or man and you can smell what you experience that people might not want to get out of their home anymore.


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