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Created At: Feb 20,2017 | By: Tony

CamSoda Big Surprise

CamSoda announced big surprise with news of XXX hologram December of 2016. The adult-cam site brought a holographic cam girl to the 2017 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The Internet was abuzz with the news as many years were gone and spent in the pursuit of full-color video holograms since long ago. Finally, at a porn conference, a half-century research of a holographic cam girl is brought on by CamSoda. Some say that Camsoda is one of the Best cam sites. Camster is one of the greatest site also.


In the Expo, many expected to see an industry that was stuck in the past but the show has something more to offer. It was bigger and far better than ever. It was expected that the show will have a record of 25, 000 attendees and a whole new wing specifically for adult-novelty exhibitors of AVN is built by Hard Rock. The porn industry is thought to have weakened since the stock-market crash in 2008 and that the porn industry is dying.


But the event shows that industry has actually evolved, becoming more diverse, nimble and technologically-advanced than it was before. One of the advancements that the event wants to showcase is CamSoda’s holographic cam girl that just came out of CamSoda’s labs. In taking a closer look, one will figure out that CamSoda’s big surprise is not quite what people expect.


But it turns out, the ‘hologram’ is only a trick and not really a “technological breakthrough,” Lundeen admits. The hologram is actually just something fun to draw people and that the real attraction is the models. But as Lundeen said, what drives CamSoda is the spirit of experimentation in order to stay at the forefront of technological trends.