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Created At: Feb 16,2017 | By: Tony

Couple Who Had Sex For 400 Strangers On Chaturbate

Voyeurism is not a new thing today in the online world.  The concept behind livestreaming yourself while spending time with someone else and making love with that person while people all over the world are watching is a new major issue. That is exactly what most couples use so as to obtain their kicks, whether they are the characters of the show or the voyeurs viewing along, usually commenting while they go.


Chaturbate is among the most famous web cam sites on the web and since its release in 2011, it gained a more than 3,000 increase in the interest from different internet users across the world. Viewers could watch without having any fee to pay or they can pay tips when they want to watch some sexual acts to be performed on the show.


This is a different world wherein people are building relationships along with the viewers, they usually exchange messages mid-act. Many of the comments are respectful. But it can be determined which chatters masturbate along. More couples being told what they should do yet there is a business angle in Chaturbate and that is the truth that couples being viewed could earn money when they perform some sex acts as requested by the viewers.


Some couples are obliged to follow what the audiences want after getting paid. Rebecca Dane, a blogger, got a chance to have sex with her husband while the whole world is watching. She said, “We decided to just have fun on camera, doing exactly what we wanted to do,” she explains. “This means we gave away a lot for free our first night, making only $8 (£6) the whole night.” They got more than 300 audiences at that time yet she believes that the famous ones on Chaturbate can earn thousands of pounds every night.

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