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Created At: Apr 20,2017 | By: Tony

Diamond Doll XX A Leading Live Cam Model

Diamond Doll XX is a premier live cam model at Jasmin and Streamate and recently voted as the Best Webcam Masturbation Show in the Adult Webcam Award of 2017. Diamond Doll XX loves modelling. However she find it hard at first, but due to the fact that this is her dream and ambition she work a lot and this effort has been paid off. She is now one of the best and most popular live cam models. She used to preform in Jasmin.



Prior to reach the peak of success, she started working longer hours and in fact she covers more time online. He treats this work as a usual one and she does have a schedule and stick to it. She joined at diverse events and this allows her to won a number of award. And this considered her breakthrough in her career. For you to become successful in this career, according to her is to stay true to yourself, make a work style and then focus on it. You have to treat yourself as business, invest as well as promote yourself. Enjoy and love your job and your job will love you in return, thats what in LiVeJasmin.



Her biggest dream is to make a Glam-Fetish site wherein she could grow to be the best model and win some award and at the same time participate in diverse related events. Her perception concerning changes in Adult Webcam Business is that websites must put up ways on how to enhance the interaction between members and modes. She also stated that virtual reality is now becoming popular and a lot of websites are becoming the home for a lot of members and models, and this shows that the live cam business is continue to grow and doesn’t show any indications of stopping.