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Created At: Feb 19,2017 | By: Tony

Lovely Sex Toy

A new sex toy in town lets men measure their performance in bed.
The sex toy, called ‘Lovely’ is capable of measuring men’s performance and tells them the truth if they are really good or not. But that is not all that ‘Lovely’ can do. It also promises men erections that are harder and longer with its brutally honest advices on how they can perform better the next time. 
Many camgirls in sites such as Im live and Camplace are using some sexual machines such as Lovely.


But there’s more to ‘Lovely’ as this vibrator also acts as a fitness tracker capable of telling the user how many calories they have burned and the amount of g-force they reached during their romp. Lovely is also stretchy and full-packed with sensors.


It’s designed allows it to easily sit tight on the base of a penis and with that, blood gets inside but isn’t let out. This is the process essential to enhancing a man’s erection thus making it harder for longer. As it is full of sensors, it collects data about a man’s performance which is then sent to an app that gives tips and advice on how they can do better next time.


Other capabilities of Lovely include tracking a man’s top speeds and the number of moves they’ve made as well as the exercise equivalent of this. Lovely also suggests different positions that a male can try and actively monitors their progress like how fitness trackers track the progress of a fitness enthusiast.


According to the makers of Lovely, the app is not only for couples. Although it was designed to be used by couples continuously, it can be used intermittently with different couples. Through Lovely, males can improve their performance a much better sexual experience.