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Created At: Apr 16,2017 | By: Tony

Mia Khalifa in Demand Porn Star from Lebanon

Mia Khalifa is one of the most searched adult movie star in various adult movie site most essentially Porn Hub. Due to her fame, she had received death threats. With over millions of views online, Mia who resides in Miami states that all the messages she received relatively scary.  There are some media users that labelled her as worthless and some says that she doesn’t represent Lebanon. Mia used to preform live on Flirt4Free
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“This happen due to her role in a very controversial video that is uploaded last year wherein she is wearing a veil that is worn by Muslim women”, according to Porn Hub.


A Photoshopped picture showed Mia superimpose on to a figure in a jumpsuit, which allude to image of Islamic State extremist threatening hostages. According to The URC Shows, the commentator was taking her movies seriously. The videos were created by Bang Bros. Some commentators stated that this girl is disrespecting Islamic faith. Mia was raised Catholic.


Lebanon is at the core of conflicts in Middle East in spite of its small size, however due to its borders with Israel and Syria as well as the exceptional make up of it popular. Shia Muslims, Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Druze are the major religious groups.


A lot of Lebanese protect Mia and respect her choice to work as a porn star. According to statistic between January3 and January 6, searches for her increased to a higher extent. This shows that Mia is indeed very in demand porn star at this point in time.