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Created At: May 07,2017 | By: Tony

Ohmibod Releases Kegel Exerciser


If you’re a woman looking for a great device to spice up your private life whilst also doing some great stuff for your health, Ohmibod may just have the right deal for you. Their new product, Lovelife Krush, is a Bluetooth® Kegel exerciser that uses vibration and visual feedback, as well as voice-guided training programs, to help women achieve optimal muscle tone in the pelvic floor.


Not only stronger pelvic floor muscles make sexual intercourse much more pleasurable for both partners, they also help avoid keeping incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, which is quite a significant health outcome.


The device has already been recognised by industry professionals – for instance, it holds the 2016 Endgadget title as “Best of CES Awards”, with Michael Gorman, editor-in-chief of Engadget and an x-editor in MyFreeCams, noting that “[the technology] will change the industry and our lives, [and] OhMiBod clearly was the best in show in ‘Digital Health and Fitness Product’.”


So how does Lovelife Krush work and Angela White from MyFreeCams, exactly? Well, turns out is utilises the new clever app to measure the pressure, control, endurance and grip of the pelvic muscles, which allows it to develop personalised training programs and help all women regardless where they’re starting from. The app also uses in-built gamification, challenges and motivational tools to keep the users interested, focused and educated on the extremely important subject of women’s health.


The price is also quite affordable – at the time of publication Lovelife Krush was retailing at $149. So ladies, try it and you won’t be disappointed.