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Created At: May 30,2017 | By: Tony

Orgasm World Championship 2017

If you think pie eating contests or mud fights are best stuff after sliced bread, think again…as it’s pretty hard to argue that very few things in life can beat the Orgasm World Championship! Stay tuned if you’ve never heard about this magnificent contest, as it’s a true masterpiece not to be missed.


The idea is simple – contestants wear clever wrist bands that can detect orgasms by measuring the contestants’ heart rates. Contestants, who are typically porn stars or extremely hot nude models, face each other in pairs and put the said wrist bands on. Then they proceed to play with the toys in front of them, which are plentiful, thanks to the event’s management team. The referee asks the ladies to strip and gives a countdown, and then the contestants aim to have as many orgasms in a set period of time as possible!


There is also a betting system in place, where the viewers can choose their favourite models and vote for the ones they think may win the round, or the entire competition.


It also goes without saying that simply watching such an event is sure to bring anyone who enjoys hot naked ladies a lot of pleasure!
You never know which toys will come into play (pun intended), so every round is different.


The event lasts for a week, and the lady who had the most orgasms becomes an absolute winner and will get a trophy from Imlive site. 
Imlive has also given a sponsership to the contest.


If you’re intrigued, make sure to tune in for the next one!

Orgasm World Championship 2017