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Created At: Mar 28,2017 | By: Tony

PonHub Launches BangFit 

PornHub brings bizarre news out in the porn industry with the company launching their new fitness esystem named BangFit. The fitness system is a wearable device with workout videos included. As everyone can guess, this new fitness device by PornHub is designed to help you ‘bang to get fit’.  According to PornHub, BangFit works with the user joining the game at BangFit home website.
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There, the users will be able to have the game synced to their phones and choose from options for one player, two players or three players. After choosing the number of players, the users can then proceed to choosing their ‘sexercise’. Each ‘sexercise’ is complete with information on how they every position can help on burning with calories in a thirty-minute period.


Of course, how much calories can be burned with every ‘sexercise’ differs for a man and a woman. Using the BangFit Band, the user can sync their phone to the game allowing for remote monitoring of their progress. The BangFit Band is a belt that can be worn by a player and with this the player can easily measure if they really are getting fit as they get busy.


BangFit’s program allows players to build and tone their muscles by using sexy exercises. With users practicing sexual exercises, otherwise known as sex, they can still exercise along the way. As of now, BangFit is only available for heterosexual couples. Still, it is a fun idea of staying fit and bang at the same time.