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Created At: Jun 01,2017 | By: Tony

Cam Model - Roni Raye

n an interview with Roni Raye’s Winner, she revealed some important information about herself. She also elaborate that she started modeling for men’s magazines and performing amateur videos in 1990’s while working as phone sex operator. She stayed in this job for almost 20 years. Since then, she has always enjoyed flirting, teasing, modeling etc. She also stated that what made her so excited was when her fans were visiting her cam. She is also happy due to the many regular fans that is keep on coming back to watch her shows. Winning the title of the Best MILF Cam Model really makes her happy. She used to work for Imlive cam site. Imlive is one of the biggest cam girls platform.



When she asked what advice she can give to other models, she believes that a lot of models enter this kind of business thinking of getting lots of money. Also they believe that they will be capable logging on and instantly the money will come pouring down. She also said that in order to become successful in this job, you need to work hard, you also need to have high quality camera and mic, and lighting is extremely good, set limitations and market yourself.  This is what he learned from many years of being a cam model.



After many years in this business, she never have a paid fan membership website until recently she launched her own site realroniraye.com. 
Her goal is to keep on working as a model, make new materials for her website and get fresh and new members. She loved and enjoy showing off and love positive feedback she get from her fans. She also said that this business has turn out to be very popular. There are many sites and new models available. This type of business is more acceptable today compared before.




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