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Created At: May 01,2017 | By: Tony

Russian Models at Play in Private Lives

Just like any other job, web cam modelling can get pretty draining and tiring at times. Web cam models are no strangers to off-cam leisure activities, which help them release the stress of long working days and participate in their favourite hobbies.


For example, Flirt4Free has recently blogged about some of their sexiest Russian models having all sorts of fun at Go-Cart racing. Carting is quite an extreme activity requiring agility, concentration and great situational awareness, but the Russian boys are certainly not faint-hearted.

One of the models noted: “we were driving race cars. Carting is a risky sport - that's why few "surprises" happened. But thank God everyone is alive and feeling good. It was really fun.” Indeed, while a few little cart crashes happened, the participants haven’t lost their cool, smiling happily from the photos.


The same resource has recently released photos of another group of their Russian flirt4free models celebrating New Year, and some shots are reportedly so naughty that just a little bit of imagination is required to see the full picture. After all, what else can you expect when some of the sexiest Russian web cam models of both genders get together? Just look at these beautiful guys and ladies – they are clearly having all sorts of fun together, on and off stage. It’s always nice to see colleagues having fun outside of work, especially if they are super attractive Russian web cam models.