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Created At: Mar 30,2017 | By: Tony

Sex Toy Startup LELO

LELO introduces a new sex toy startup to go along with the company’s pleasure-centered machinery in the form of condoms. But LELO’s condoms are quite different than the condoms found at local corner stores. These condoms, called LELO HEX, utilize an innovative technology that ensures their prophylactics are stronger, thinner and longer-lasting. Many camgirls are using sex toys in webcam sites like Camplace. Camplace is big webcam site.


As Filip Sedic said about today’s condom industry, men want something that’s strong and at the same time feels good. Current condoms are not at all strong and putting one over another takes away all the pleasure. This is where LELO HEX comes into play. LELO doesn’t want men to have to sacrifice their pleasure and so they decided to do something about it.


LELO HEX is a restructured condom designed by LELO so that men will be able to practice safe sex and at the same time enjoy a pleasurable time about it. LELO HEX comes in hexagonal design which is then laid over the sheerest latex material. This way, LELO were able to create razor-thin membrane that allows the user to feel more friction. At the same time, LELO HEX is able to reduced breakage and slippage during intercourse.


The common condom often slips off or breaks during intercourse. Furthermore, many guys complain that they don’t feel much with using it. The world really has a condom predicament that many companies are trying to solve. LELO HEX hopes to change all that as it demonstrates toughness for breakage and slip off protection of couples during intercourse.