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History of spy-cam watches

Watchismo has an extraordinary and far-reaching highlight covering the historical backdrop of spy-cam watches. The majority of these things are entirely clever. Not unnoticeable in the scarcest.

The most loved here is presumably the Tessina. It's a fairly substantial watch that components a covered trap entryway for the focal point. What's prominent is that regardless it utilizes standard 35mm film in spite of being the span of a 16mm camera.


1960 Tessina Cameras highlighted the main subminiature watch that utilizations standard 35mm film, however, is the measure of 16mm cameras. An uncommon variant exists for the wrist (above) and one with a Swiss watch connection (beneath).


Comprised of 400 sections and worked by Concava of Switzerland, the Tessina was additionally outlined and protected by Dr. Rudolph Steineck.

Tessina is hand collected from more than two hundred exactness parts, it contains ruby bearing like Swiss watch to decrease erosion, and every camera is a plan for 100,000 pictures.


Three models have been delivered: Tessina Automatic 35mm, Tessina 35 and Tessina L; accessible were an assortment of shading/complete mixes that included brushed, painted or anodized aluminum, dark and aluminum, all dark, gold, and red. Every one of the three models is fundamentally the same as.

It can also be had with a Swiss watch connection which would truly throw individuals off of your spy aroma.


Indeed, the history of spy-cam watches is well defined and is highly used in capturing porn videos. In fact, they are the best watches since no one can identify them.  

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