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Created At: Feb 28,2017 | By: Tony

Tanya Tate - Star of the Adult Film Industry

Tanya Tate has managed to bring in a whole new angle to the taboo themed series involving a lesbian family affair. The hugely successful actress that Tanya Tate is and the winner of 11x Milf of the year award, she undoubtedly manages to grab the attention of the interested public.

The porn flick that she features in also has a host of other stars who are equally popular and happens to be the hottest of faces to be showcased. The film where Tanya Tate Takes Taboo Themes To Naughty New Heights In Filly Films’ LESBIAN FAMILY AFFAIR 4 has every attention to detail. The very box cover of the DVD features a threesome lesbian blonde on blonde orgy. Most related materials of the film including the box cover details regarding the digital release are to be found on the website.


The film in discussion has the story revolve around bringing together the performing adult artistes in the likes of milfs with that of the sexiest new girls. The films of these types has already proven itself to be a must see and the earlier acts in the series like Family Affair 1, 2 and 3 has earned rave reviews from the viewers across the world.


Tanya Tate remains an amazing example setter from starting off her career in late 2008 to being the owner and operator of a public relations firm. She was proved herself to be a success in all realms of the adult entertainment industry. Tate also used to preform live shows on Imlive and Sexier.com.