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Created At: Feb 14,2017 | By: Tony

A Kinky Gift for Valentine: Teddy Love

Teddy Love Toys released a new and perfect kinky gift for this upcoming valentine, a new stuffed erotic teddy, the Teddy Love Kink-It BDSM Bear. This stuffed pal is both cute and cuddly but in an edgy, erotic sort of way what with the vibrating nose and tongue it comes with.

Originally, the Teddy Love Signature Bear is furry and soft with warm, welcoming eyes. But the Teddy Love Kink-It Bear falls on the wilder side. It is designed wearing leather harness holding a vibrating strap on. It definitely is not the ordinary teddy stuffed toy that everybody knows about. Still, the Kink-It BDSM Bear is still a perfect gift in time for Valentine’s Day.

Many of the hosts at Imlive are owning a Teddy like this.

According to Teddy Love creator and Imlive site owners, wellness educator and BDSM expert, Wendy Adams, the Kink-It BDSM bear is drawn from personal experience. According to her, “My partner and I were looking for playful ways to connect sexually. Then one day, the idea just clicked.”

The Teddy Love bear is designed so adds fun and playfulness into the bedroom, putting some spice in couple’s sex life. It also serves to open an opportunity for partners to try for kinky play and find out how it would play in their life. The Teddy Love bear is the perfect gift for partners who are looking to thrill their sex life with an extremely unique and quirky gift.

The Teddy Love Signature Bear is still available in retail for $39.95 while the Kink-It BDSM Teddy Bear is available for $149.95. More information can be found on Teddy Love Toys at TeddyLoveToys.