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Created At: Feb 27,2017 | By: Tony

Smooth Operator Collection Making Experiences Pleasurable

A wide range of products is being launched by Tickler Vibes. This is known as the Smooth Operators. They consist of Classy, Choosy and Snazzy Operators. They represent an era of new thinking in the market of sex toys. The toys are advanced and are versatile in function. The colors are elegant. They are very careful about the packaging of the products. The products are all value for money ones.


The smooth operating of the toys are the result of several years of designing experience along with developing and manufacturing. 

The classy vibrator has a beautiful look and a greater feel. The silicone is soft which allows one to play in comfort without any ends. There are two powerful motors that create strong vibrations in the top and middle. It comes in variable patterns and different speeds of pulsation.


The choosy vibrator is the one for the G-spot. It is soft but yet firm enough to hit the right spot. There are two powerful motors in it. These create the vibrations. The button control is instinctive. They are easy for use that has six diverse pulsation patterns with varying vibration speed.


The Snazzy is a vibrator for the clitoral region. It has soft silicone lips that are flexible for pressure. One can always have a control over the preferred areas with them. It has four different pulsation pattern and uneven vibrating speed that makes the vibrations strong.

Another thing to note here are all the vibrators are chargeable with an USB, waterproof with a warranty assurance of one-year.


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