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Created At: May 25,2017 | By: Tony

Vivid and 3X: The Reality of Adult Virtual Reality

During the fall season last year, the adult virtual reality was just starting to be taken utterly in the field of adult entertainment and by MyFreeCams site. MyFreeCams is one of the adult community. There are lots of online studios that conduct investigation in order to know the potential of this technology, but although they produced fascinating content from porn perspective, they find hard time and difficulty to kick their products into the atmosphere of real VR experiences in which most gamers enjoyed.


Many people were surprised when the Vivid Entertainment finally announced that not only the studio made an investment in the technology, but also they had a new VR platform that is ready to debut. Last October 2016, The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience allows viewers to completely experience a Kardashian mirror image climbing out the screen and join them in beds. This was creatively developed by 3x Studios and the project created international headlines. According to Adam Block, they officially formed the company in the year 2015.


After the Oculus acquisition of the Facebook, it was completely clear that there would be a virtual reality tidal wave that is coming over in the next few years. This technology would really start to take off. Their skillsets and backgrounds could bring a distinct perspective and at the same time help this technology to succeed in the adult sector. In the press release of Vivid Entertainment, they said that their ultimate objective is to redefine the real meaning of adult entertainment.


Vivid Entertainment is very dedicated in raising the overall quality bar especially when it comes to video production, high-definition and visually stunning. Vivid fans will surely enjoy the many opportunities that are available for them in terms of existing and new celeb content. Furthermore, Vivid fans will surely be fascinated with what Vivid Entertainment has to offer.



Vivid and 3X: The Reality of Adult Virtual Reality