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Created At: Dec 24,2017 | By: Tony

8 Webcam Sites that Accept Bitcoins

If you are a top cam sites' lover, you can now purchase your favorite videos anonymously by paying with bitcoin at top sex cam sites such as imlive.com. You no longer have to find yourself in an embarrassing situation and especially where your credit card statement is involved. Below are some of the most popular sites that allow you to pay with bitcoin.


8 Best Paying Webcam Sites that Accept Bitcoins


Since Bitcoins use started booming, there have been numerous reports that the dark web is taking advantage to carry out illegal trade such as selling and buying of weapons. It is no secret that the gambling industry too has been enjoying the anonymity provided by the cryptocurrency. These, however, are not the only sites that are enjoying bitcoin usage.

The coin has managed to penetrate in one of the most, secretly loved industry but publicly viewed as a taboo. The webcam industry has recently embraced bitcoin transactions and is no doubt making profits from the digital currency. The webcam industry is lucrative and continues to grow exponentially. However, many people who love the sites like to maintain their anonymity and bitcoin has just presented that possibility.


Live Jasmine brings your pure webcam content, a fact that has made it gain popularity among webcam site lovers. The sites offer you more like allowing you to engage in a live chat with its streamers. Over the last ten years, the site has been doing exponentially well and now with the introduction of bitcoin use, you should expect its popularity to cross reaps and bounds.


Live Jasmine



Chaturbate has been around since 2011 and is mostly known for providing live action with its streamers. The site provides titillating
performances and streaming and hence very popular among many people. Since it started accepting bitcoins, the site has grown in popularity with many users enjoying the anonymity while using the webcam site.





The site was among the first to embrace bitcoin use starting since the launching of the cryptocurrency. Its main focus is giving its users live streaming services hence allowing you get everything you would wish for from a webcam site. Other than being a major player in the industry, it is also embracing other major improvements that are meant to live its users more satisfied.


Unlike other webcam sites, playboy focuses on providing photos of professional models posing. The site also provides exclusive photos of popular celebrities who have signed with the site. You can pay with bitcoin to subscribe to your desired membership between HD videos and photos.


This site embraced bitcoin to allow users to enjoy HD videos without seeing the annoying ads. This site is among the best paying webcam sites that allow you to access a large collection of DVD videos when you pay with bitcoin.


The site was launched in 2001 and over the years it has managed to be the best webcam sites by providing subscribers with quality content. As an added advantage to its users, it allows bitcoin payment.


This site provides the most exclusive webcam videos and has a collection of over 500 videos that are 20-30 minutes long. You can pay with bitcoins to subscribe and also download the videos for later viewing.

Tonight's Girlfriend

The site is the female version of Naughty America. You can use bitcoins to access plenty videos from the site.