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Created At: Jan 03,2018 | By: Tony

xhamster live sex cams - motion detection minimize live sex cam window

The adult industry has always tried new technologies and innovation to lure new customers to use their services, xhamster live sex cams sure tried a new original way to win users heart.

Useful or not is up to what you think, but you have to give it to them for the originality.

If you are quite frequent in cam sex xHamster, then this is something that you will definitely need to save you from any weird situations. When your kids, partners, parents, siblings, colleagues or your boss is around, you will definitely not want them to know what you are up to.


For protecting your own privacy and preventing anyone from finding where you are busy at, this device can be really great. It is lifesaver for many and you will definitely love using it. Whether it is your home or your office, you can use this device. You must install it near the door. It has a complete 90 degree detection angle and the range is up to 5 meter or approximately 16 feet. Thus, it covers a huge area.


With a single motion detected, the sex cam chat windows will be minimized automatically along with the sound turning off. This device keeps your privacy completely protected.


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How To Connect & Use This?

You have to install the sensor at the room near the door from where someone can enter. That sensor is directly linked with the device you are using via the application. Once the sensor is installed and connected with the device, you can open xHamster free live cams and chat or do anything you want in your office or house freely. As soon as anyone is about to enter the room or opens the door accidentally, the sensor will detect the motion and minimize the windows.


You have to aim the infrared lens properly in the direction of door within 5 meters so that it can detect the opening of the door or any movement of a person. Once all the installation is done, you have to press the “ARM” in the application and then you are good to go. To make sure it is working, you can open the site and then open the door to see whether or not it minimizes the windows and mute the sound. Once it is working properly, you are all set to go.



  • One sensor can be connected with more than one device

  • Instantly minimize the browser window you are using for xhamster live sex cams

  • Mute the sound of the browser too automatically

  • Can easily detect any slight movement or opening of door


  • It minimizes and doesn’t close the window. So, if your boss walks up to you to see your laptop you have to close it manually which can flash the current windows

  • It also remains in the history or even the server of your office if it using private networks to detect the browsing of its employees


xHamster Introduced Motion Sensor To Hide Porn When Doors Open


Innovating New Technologies

Every now and these this sex cam web sites are innovating new technologies that can surely attract and win the attention of users. With the new and innovative technologies it get easier for the people to use these sites without any kind of stress or tension. People always want advanced technologies that can be highly beneficial for them.


The invention of this powerful sensor by xhamster live sex cams is quite useful for the people who use to visit these sex cam websites when people are there in office or home. Many more innovations of new technologies are going around which you will love to hear and know about. If you want to know more about these website, then make sure to visit webcamreports.com to get more information on the best sex cam sites online. They are reviewing on these website and how they can be more beneficial than the one you are using now.