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Created At: Aug 23,2017 | By: Tony

Vr Sex Dolls: the Future Is Now

They look, move, act and please like real people – but is VR sex dolls is where we’re heading?

They answer your questions, hold smart conversations and are eager to fulfil your every desire in bed – the new generation of sex dolls are so realistic it’s a little bit creepy, but nevertheless exciting. They also move realistically, so no more awkward snapping back to reality in the middle of the act…

Imagine being able to control this amazing creation from your smartphone or a PlayStation controller, and you can easily guess just how realistic the experience is likely to be.

The dolls also have a sophisticated voice recognition system with “an element of natural conversation, so they won’t sound too robotic”, according to the expert and luxury silicone sex doll developer Paul Lumb.

What are these dolls, you’re asking? If you want to get your hands on one right now, unfortunately we have bad news: the “Bugatti Veyron of VR sex dolls”, this sex doll model is only a prototype. It also doesn’t help that even once released, the doll won’t be anywhere near affordable, as the price for this silicone-covered perfection will likely revolve around $7500.


VR sex dolls



Arguably, all that is still worth the wait, however. According to Mr. Lumb, the latest generation dolls are as close to real touch, real feel than they’ve ever been, whilst also offering a petite frame based on a light 32 kg skeleton. They still feel human-like without the need for users to drag extremely heavy constructs around.

But how have all these technological advancements happened without anyone noticing? Apparently, complex sex robots have been created behind the scenes for over 15 years now, finally getting to the point where they can move, talk and act like real human beings. The prototype we’re talking about is, or course, not the end of the journey yet, but a stunning progressive creation regardless.

You may be wondering if sex robots will be taking over the market of sex toys anytime soon…and the answer is, at this point this seems highly unlikely. Of course, we are already witnessing some changes – for example, “traditional” sex toys are being gradually phased out by wireless devices with smartphone connectivity. This is perfectly understandable, as at this point such clever little toys are both fun and affordable!

And while advanced sex robots are indeed a lot of fun, as we’ve mentioned above, the affordability component is lacking. It’s hard not to see appeal in immersive technology that truly lets the users escape the reality and feel something totally different – but for now, it’s more of a hope for the future or an outlet for the richest of us rather than a viable option for everyone.

Besides, there are some people who are overwhelmed – if not scared – by the latest sex industry developments. However, we believe there is no need to freak out! Just like Blu Rays are slowly but surely replacing DVDs, over time sex robots will be a norm. What a time to be alive! Want more excitments? go to Camsoda!