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Smoking Fetish Cam Reviews - Get Kinky Online with a Horny Cigar Girl

I love puffing my cigs and I love hot women in adult cams - put the two together and I can die a happy man. It's one of the fetishes that work great on webcams. You just sit there in front of your screen and watch a plump naked babe simultaneously suck her cigarette and treat a massive dildo to a wet, deep throat blowjob.

The perfect Cigar Girl

It ain't easy finding a talented cigarette girl, and when you do she's impossible to let go. She needs to be sexy, with an extreme oral fixation and she needs to know her dirty kinks. Hardcore smoking fetish usually goes hand in hand with BDSM treats like feminization, face sitting, domination and small cock humiliation. Not that my huge cock gets humiliated by these ladies' smoking hot teasing, but it sure spices up my webcam sex life. want more of this? get in to myfreecams

Cam Ladies Smoking - Which Webcam Sites Have the Hottest Smokers?

Since I know most of you dumbasses can't fucking read, I've made this nice chart below. It took forever to make, so don't give me any shit about the fucking design, alright?

The sexcam sites that scored high on my chart are those with the best selection of kinky, tasty smokers. I also gave some attention to the streaming quality and the level of pictures. When I watch a cigar fuck and the picture is all grainy it can really turn me off. Not enough to tell the nude camgirl to take the dildo out of her dripping wet pussy and the dangling smoke out of her glossy red lips - but still, a cigar sex show needs to be perfect, right?

Hardcore Smoking, Fetish Girl & Webcam Erotica

Of all the fetishes, cigarette puffing is the easiest to perform. You don't need a certain typecast of a camgirl - she can be busty, skinny and blonde model-type or chubby, shy and brunette - anything goes. Most girls state on their profile if their willing to suck the cig for you, and if you pick a chick that turns you on you'll be in for a hell of a cam ride.