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Created At: Aug 24,2017 | By: Tony

Ass Cams

You may have seen advertisements for cam girls and ass cams online at any given time. Getting into this line of work however does come with a number of potential caveats that you may not have considered. While the work can be extremely rewarding and there is always a need for online cam girls, it's important to know what you're getting into before you take the leap into being a full time ass cams model or cam girl. Here are some top things to consider from a respected cam girl with a full year experience:


It’s not always easy to be alone: cam girls end up having to work some strange hours. You often have to be online, getting ready and cleaning for your show. The nights where you would normally spend in at home relaxing or watching Netflix are often dominated by spending some time with single men and women who are there to watch you perform. As your finances depend on regularly working it's not always easy to find that time for yourself especially with the workplace likely being your own bedroom.


You will get a crash course in marketing: viewers likely won't rush into ass cams or any other category online until you're a well-established performer. It takes a long time to make the front page or become a featured performer until you've performed a few times. Often many models create social media accounts, premium content and more that can draw in viewers and help them to establish a fan base early on. Getting a crash course in marketing and how to promote yourself will really help you to see greater success as a cam girl. If you are willing to put in the effort, just camming alone may not deliver the same amount of success that you could see if you were willing to do a bit of promotion.



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You need to develop a thick skin: even if people are coming in for ass cams specifically there's a good chance that a few may hurling insults or two. There are bound to be trolls online at all times and it's important to ignore the more potentially have a mod available to dish out bans when needed. A good number of people will surprise you and be polite and flirty while you spend time on cam, there are bound to be bad apples at any time that will make you feel uncomfortable however.


It takes patience: There are bound to be some nights where the show just never seems to take off. You have a few viewers in chat and you're not receiving many tips. It is important remember that your luck can change at any moment and a show can take off quickly. Whether it's one person that wants to take you into private or someone that has searched ass cams and is interested in tipping you plenty, just a few customers can really make your evening. Still slow nights or even slow weeks can happen so save your earnings!

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