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Created At: May 14,2017 | By: Tony

Porn Star Nikki Benz Was Assaulted


Nikki Benz, a well-known porn star who once run for office against the late mayor of Toronto Rob Ford revealed that she was sexually assaulted by her director. Benz preformed live on MyFreeCams.comMyFreeCams.com is a well known cam site. The incident happened while they are shooting an exclusive adult scene.  
On her Twitter, Benz wrote that his director puts his hands on her and he was choking her during a particular shoot for a porn site known as Brazzers.


In one more tweet, this California based hottie also posted another text message that asks if she saw the part where the director said cut, where he said he is not ok with this and she said no. She also said on her tweet that rape scenes are apparently in now. The shaken porn star also said that the said incident left her into tears for the very first time in her entire career.


Adult film icons and more other porn stars expressed their support to Nikki Benz. Jenna Jameson, one of the adult film legends even tweeted that Benz is a strong woman and she can expect them to be behind her. They are even willing to fight at her side.


On the other hand, Brazzers consider the limits, boundaries, consents and safety of performers to be paramount and fundamental issues and they unequivocally stand for the full respect for performers. They do not condone or tolerate any unpleasant conduct by producers which would jeopardize the well-being or security of the performers.


This porn site said that they will be conducting a thorough investigation on the production and will take the necessary steps to prevent the same incident from happening again. There are some entities such as The Free Speech Coalition that believed that the incident that has happened to Benz was not acceptable and that no worker or adult must be subjected to sexual or physical violence.



Porn Star Nikki Benz Was Assaulted