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Created At: May 16,2017 | By: Tony

Lisa Ann- Former Porn Star Criticized and Bullied


Lisa Ann, a former porn star seems to be fighting back against bullying and criticism from web trolls over the photo she took with Ray Rice, who is a former and well-known NFL star who used to preform on Livejasmin. Livejasmin is an very well known cam site. This pair worked on the same charity event in Bronx at the Orchard Beach for the Hoops in the sun and then afterwards, they took a picture together which later on was posted on Ann’s Instagram account.



 There have been negative comments posted online and Lisa Ann was certainly appalled by these responses. Seeing that and Ray Rice came together for a worthy cause, she really did not expect that with that photo, things sounded off in the firestorm.



The former porn star admitted to TMZ Sports that she had been attacked and criticized for the past two days. She even reached the point of blocking more than a thousand individuals. Due to her previous profession, most of the comments sound like Lisa Ann and Rice are doing more than just their appearance on the charity event along with each other despite the fact that Ray Rice is already married.



Lisa said that she  is not always having sex only because she is doing porn and just like Rice, she believed that she also deserve a second chance just like what Rice deserve simply because he has paid his price. Ray Rice has been out in the NFL rooster  since released by Ravens in 2014 after the video immediately surfaced on Rice in Atlantic City elevator where he physically assault his then fiancée Janay Palmer who is now his wife.



Lisa Ann added that it is not really her first time being harassed on social media. In fact, she is constantly being harassed, disrespected and disregarded as a decent person.



Lisa Ann- Former Porn Star Criticized and Bullied