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Created At: Aug 28,2017 | By: Tony

Cum Play With Naughty Girls

Cum play is an interesting John are out of pornographic expression and something that is demonstrated on amateur cam sites as well is in many relationships. Cum play involves the act of using semen as a connective element for love making. It means that the orgasm or cum doesn't necessarily mean the end of orgasm but just another aspect of it.


When many men have an orgasm midges leads to couples bringing out a towel or something to clean it up which doesn't lead to much intimacy. Instead an orgasm can sometimes mean a few moments of separation. For some couples with Cum play however the process of an orgasm can lead to a whole other aspect of fun.


Cum play can involve cleaning up semen from inside a partner internally with oral sex. Or someone cleaning semen off of body parts after an orgasm has occurred. In many cases people don't mind that taste of their own semen and realistically there isn't much of a danger to actually tasting or licking it up as long as you know that you are free of STDs STIs and in good health.



Cum Play



Cum play can be a huge turn on for some and while a number of individuals are against the idea of tasting their own semen or their partners semen it can actually have some incredible results for heightening sexuality. The problem with Cum Play is that it has a stigma of homoeroticism placed on it by many men. As this stigma starts to fade away however it's possible that Cum play can start to represent something more sensual and a celebration of the orgasm and intimate nature of partners.


With cum play there are also some ways that you can improve results. Avoiding items like extensive coffee drinking, cigarettes and asparagus can really help to improve the taste of semen over time. Regularly drinking pineapple juice and eating fresh fruit can help to improve the taste of semen over time if you are willing to put in the extra effort.


The premier act of cum play mostly happens between couples who are willing to share the semen in each others mouths. In many cases we can see videos of this with a female partner finishing a man off with a blow job and then the two of them open mouth kissing to share the cum. Cum play can also happen between two females in a threesome or orgy situation in which the models share the cum back and forth with one another.


Cum play can be a very intimate and sensual aspect of lovemaking. If you are willing to give it a try or you are attracted to this fetish there are some great videos and wonderful tips that you can enjoy such as pineapple juice to improve the experience. You can find a wealth of content for cum play online and plenty of people who share in this fun practise too! Are you tempted to give cum play a try knowing its fairly safe?

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