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Mia Khalifa Cam

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American Social media personality and webcam model. She is also known as Mia khilfa cam, She was born on the 10th of February 1993. She is known popularly as a successful pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015.

She began her acting career as a porn actress in October 2014, and she ranked number 1 performer on the website mia khalifa video by December 28.

Her choice of wiz khalifa mia career did not go down well with the people in the Middle East, especially for a video in which she performed sexual acts wearing the Islamic hijab. She left the pornographic industry after 3 months.


Early Life

Mia Khalifa mia khalifa net worth was born in Beirut, Lebanon where she grew to the age of 7 before she moved with her family to the United States year 2000. The Mia’s family practiced Catholic as their family where Khalifa grew up, although she no longer practices the religion.

In the United States, She lived in Montgomery County, Maryland as a teenager and she played lacrosse when she was in high school.

She bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Texas at El Paso mia khalifa nude gallery.

Khalifa got married to an American man immediately she turned 18 in February 2011.


Mia Khalifa Cam


Pornographic Career

Khalifa mia wiz khalifa joined the pornographic film industry in October 2014. Before then she had been working at a Whataburger. While at Whataburger, a customer approached her with a view to convincing her to consider appearing in pornographic films. With more than 1.5 million views,Khalifa, 22 year old at the time became the most sought after performer on the website pornhub.Pornhub revealed thatShe ranked number 1 performer on the website by December 28.

She was awashed with death threat after she ranked number 1 on videos of mia khalifa, such death threat include a manipulated image of a Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant executioner preparing to behead her, a warning message was sent to her that she would go to hell, whereby she replied and said "I have been meaning to get a little tan recently". Lebanese Jonalist wrote several articles that were critical of her. She consideredthose criticism trivial due to other events in the region.

She granted Interview to The Washington post in July 2016, Khalifa revealed that she only performed in pornography for three months and had left the industry since 2015, switching to a more decent job. She was still performing as a webcam model as at May 2016 as mia wallace wiz khalifa.


In January 2017, XHamster reported thatKhalifa was the most sought after adult actress of 2016.

Personal Life

Khalifa relocated back to El paso in Texas after she resided shortly in Miami, Florida during the days of her pornographic career.

Khalifa posited that her parents refused to talk to her due to the career path she chose, meantime, in a statement, her parents distanced themselves from her actions on the grounds that her decision to join the pornographic mia khalifa new movie was due to the fact that she resided in a foreign country which had a different culture from her Lebanese origin.

The parents also express optimism that she may leave the porn industry, positing that her image did not honor their family or her home country wiz Khalifa Mia Wallace.


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