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Created At: Mar 22,2017 | By: Tony

My Free Cams

MyFreeCams, a popular cam modeling website that happened to be among Alexa’s 1000 popular sites is facing security problems that weaken password policies exposing both cam models and users at risk of having their accounts hijacked.


The issue originates from a strangely actualized password policy that strips down exceptional characters from passwords and changes capitalized letters into lowercase.


Rather than including a layer of complexity, MyFreeCams undermines everybody's password security.If a client or a cam model picks password as "Password@123!#&," a hacker can easily access the information by typing "password123."

This raises security concerns, particularly for cam models, who by and large utilize epithets to shroud their genuine personality and area. Getting to a cam model's record could permit aggressors access to data like her genuine name and geological area, expanding the odds of the model being badgering, all things considered or stalked.

MyFreeCams likely does not encode passwords either

Moreover, resetting the watchword likewise sent the client his old secret key in clear text. This gives us a chance to trust that the site does not utilize any kind of encryption while putting away the secret key in its database.

Far more atrocious, after the first Motherboard article, MyFreeCams reacted by keeping clients from utilizing exceptional characters in their passwords.

Their activity is totally harebrained in light of the fact that as opposed to settling the issue with putting away uncommon characters in secret word strings, they've kept clients from utilizing them, supposing this has tackled the issue, not realizing that they've exacerbated it by stupefying the kind of passwords clients can pick.

The main way clients can have a solid secret word strategy in this circumstance is by either utilizing to a great degree long watchword strings or arbitrary produced passwords.

MyFreeCams as of now gloats about having more than 100,000 cam models and more than 5 million regular users.