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Created At: Mar 23,2017 | By: Tony

Vortex Sextoy

Sex is good and enjoyable when you do it in the right way; it satisfies your sex desire and makes you lighter than before. Are you a lady, with 35 quid in your pocket and not afraid to suck your insides? Visit the nearest sex shop and ask for Vortex Vibrations Suction Vacuum Cleaner Vibrator. In the last year more and more camgirls are using sex toys in sites like Sexier and more.
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This is a new product, an incredible clitoral stimulator that uses a flow of air to vibrate the clitoris. Just attach it on your vacuum cleaner and will make you moan in satisfaction.


Vortex sex toy is faster, better, and the best seducer for intense longer orgasms. It increases airflow making the clitoris vibrate at a very rapid speed hence, causing a much quicker buildup.


How it works

Place Vortex over the clitoris against the labia. Suction will immediately increase blood flow to the clitoris causing it to enlarge and become sensitive.


Move the slider down, and the clitoris itself starts to vibrate, fluttering like a reed in a saxophone. By adjusting the slider upward or downward, YOU control the rate of vibration.


"The most incredible orgasm I have ever had!", said one frankly orgasmic reviewer.


Made of a tough, stain resistant, non-toxic polymer approved by the EC and FDA for medical use

A small hand held vacuum of 600 watts or less is more than adequate for most women. An 800-watt vacuum has proven satisfying for some but has been too much suction for other women.