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Created At: May 22,2017 | By: Tony

Nadia Hilton-A Former Porn Star Turned into a Pastor

Crystal Bassette, a former well-known porn star that used to show on Myfreecams has decided to go on a completely different path and that is being a committed Christian Pastor. Many probably knew her by her screen name Nadia Hilton since her face resembles the famous “It” girl Paris Hilton that used to work in Myfreecams too.


Upon leaving the adult entertainment industry in 2014, she finally found God and married David Bassette, a Pentecostal Pastor and they are now completely committed to their newly found religion. At the peak of her career, she was believed to make about $300,000 in one year. She was living in a mansion that time in Malibu and she owns a luxurious Ferrarri.


Nadia Hilton had complicated years the last couple of years. Her night club being closed because of the excessive underage or minor drinking violations and being the target of local police and liquor board for her never ending violations also contributed to her bitter tumultuous years. She had even been sued by Kevin Blair, her former policeman ex-boyfriend for $ 1 million. According to him, Nadia Hilton sullied his reputation and good name with false and abusive accusations. Hilton racked up an arrest for drunk driving in a car crash in 2014.


Apparently, being porn star is not really for everyone and this takes rare and strong individuals to become a porn star and be able to do what a porn star can do on daily basis.  One needs to know who she really is and needs to be completely comfortable with herself. Also, there must be a right reason behind choosing to be a porn star. Hilton’s motive for leaving the porn industry is something not to be judged or questioned. The most important thing is that Nadia Hilton is happy with her life now and she is in a much better place.


Nadia Hilton-A Former Porn Star Turned into a Pastor