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Created At: May 21,2017 | By: Tony

Sex Robots Are The Next Thing

Are you also hooked with the idea of AI or HBO’s Westworld that you can possible screw? So, it is no longer a surprise that right at this very moment, various individual strive hard to develop realistic and unique sex robots. I'mlive is also trying to develop sex robots. Imlive is the largest cam sex site.



This is the latest in the blank-stared sex dolls. Samantha enjoys sitting for longer period of time without blinking. She can even make you cum. This sex dolls was specially designed by Sergi Santos, a well-known engineer in Barcelona. This doll looks realistic and can also do everything to give you pleasure like moaning and more. Samantha even has massage-able G-spot. This comes in three versions, the interactive, responsive and standard and price range from $1600-$4900 USD.


Real Dolls

Real dolls was created by Mark McMullen and he aim to bring fully realistic sex dolls and sex robots in the market. The Real Dolls look ultimately realistic and this includes fuckable and removable parts. Interested individuals can purchase these dolls in varieties of styles but Mark McMullen is now working on his next upgrade, the Realbotix. This will surely improve your experience with highly convincing AI.


DIY Sex Robots

For individuals who cannot wait and are all eager to have their own sex robots now, there are actually samples for those who have chosen to take on the DIY route and create their own. Zheng Jiajia, a Chinese engineer has created his own exclusive sex robot called “Yingyin”.  She does no actually move on her own but can communicate using basic word like “yes”. 


If your DIY route is complicated and unsatisfying, you can just arrange for a live experience with Samantha. If you opt for sex robot or a life mate, you can consider getting one of McMullen’s creations such as Harmony, who seems to be one of the most promising robots in the horizon. If you wanted to take the DIY path, then you will surely need inspiration.


Sex Robots Are The Next Thing