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Created At: May 18,2017 | By: Tony

New Sex Toy Offers New Dimension


In Las Vegas, a new and special sex toys is set to enter the market this June setting itself on top of the competition and not as much in function and form as in niche marketing. The Tremor’s creators have actually billed their product as the “rock and roll sex toy”. Product tagline might sound clever double entendre and riffing on both the motion of the machine and musical genre. Many cam girls in Imlive are using sex toys as well. Imlive is one of the most popular cam sites.


Based on promotional literature, the sex and unique retro remote with a guitar style knob offers users a single-handed control of “rock” for the vibration and “roll” for the rotation. Tremor pertains to particular modern machine to ride on into the sex toy category.  According to Pete Housley, the marketing consultant this machine is not only knocking off the established brands. Each and every detail of the Tremor machine was specially designed having end users in mind.


From the single-hand control remote up to removable silicone pads, Tremor is certainly complete reimagining of the ride-on sex toys. Unlike other products in the sex toy category, The Tremor tends to embrace its highly edgy nature and also encourage users to essentially explore their wilder side.


A frame base, lightweight has been topped with removable and durable silicon pad for easier cleaning. Housley also said that the pad is completely dishwasher free. The two silicone attachments are also included; The Whammy Bar and The Bridge. All accessories are a hundred percent made of medical-grade silicone.


Anna Bell Peaks revealed that she is a fan and according to her Tremor fucking is amazing. She loves her sex toys and the great experience with it. She now considers this as her newest go to ride. This product is expected to be launch at $799 retail price.


New Sex Toy Offers New Dimension