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Created At: May 17,2017 | By: Tony

PornHub New VR Channel

Virtual reality adult movies have become more fun and exciting. In fact, these have been storming into the adult entertainment industry. The VR adult movies and entertainment is now becoming more popular and appealing to many individuals especially adults and couples who are searching for new ways to spice up their relationships.


PornHub, one of the most frequently visited adult sites in the world has announced the launch of an exclusive channel that is fully dedicated to VR adult movies. PornHub wanted to position viewers right at the core of adult movies and in Flirt4Free. The ever popular porn site and Flirt4free actually launched a new and exclusive channel committed to 360 degree virtual reality content. This new channel comes in partnership with Badoink which is also a known virtual reality porn store.


Internet users who have tried this new channel said that films seems so realistic however, the latest firms are just from men’s point of view. Some also stated that women on the videos appear out of proportion sometimes and they also look gigantic.


VR is considered the next phase in this constantly evolving adult entertainment world and will surely give users mesmeric experiences unlike anything they have seen before. Cory Price, the Vice President of PornHub also stated that now, users are not just able or allowed to view contents but experience being the  protagonist and be able to interact with their most favorite porn stars.


Movies are offered and are also made available on Android Smartphones and iOs as all VR headsets. Moreover, PornHub is giving away 10,000 Google cardboard viewers for free to all individuals who will sign up.


This launched is sure to create fuzz and captivate the attention and interest of people especially those who are really into VR adult movies.



PornHub New VR Channel