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Created At: Jan 07,2018 | By: Tony

Pornhub live cams site declares “Rich White Man Fucks an Entire Country at once” - webcamreports.com


Pornhub has now officially listed trumps inauguration video amongst its listings. The international porn tube live streaming site has listed the entire inauguration video in HD to all of its customers under the title “Rich White Man Fucks an Entire Country at once”. This is certainly a one-of-a-kind title and it's far from pornographic. Included in the pornhublive video are melenia trump on pornhub and the president. Pornhub also isn't likely a place were too many political science majors are going to be sourcing their content just to watch the inauguration video throughout history.


Pornhub has always had a bit of a fun sense of humor in their social media presence as well as in their advertising throughout the world. Many people did not think that Donald Trump would ever be a president let alone making this speech and this fun post has been left up on the Pornhub servers as a consistent reminder of how the country has been impacted as a result of the election.



pornhub trump video



The inauguration video showcases ivanka trump on pornhub and the event which took place on 20 January instilled Pres. Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Within just 10 days of the video being recorded, Pornhub already had the entire video posted up online under this title and hidden amongst millions of porn videos on the website. The video even trended with all of the news outlets that were pointing out the joke that the company made and their ability to keep the video up.


Even just 10 days into the presidency, Trump had taken the time to enact a variety of bills and controversial moves that he had outlined within his platform. The online video showcases Donald trump and melania trump on pornhub. With all of the policies that he was making changes to, many people that were protesting in the wake of the election and the and the inauguration.


Throughout these waves of protests, Pornhub continued to broadcast the ivanka trump pornhub video across their platform and also continued to bolster some of the efforts of these early protesters during the presidency.


The video of melania trump on pornhub which is now raked up millions of viewers has become screenshotted and shared as a joke along the way and because of the optimization available on the porn website, its even widely available on mobile devices.

Millions were taking to tweet out the screenshot of the video, adding and sharing it over a wide array of online sources. The VP of Pornhub would eventually be forced to take the video down multiple times but there were a number of other uploaders that continued to try to upload various copies of the inauguration video.



pornhub live cam site post trumps video




The entire event just goes to show the power of an idea and a company having a brief sense of humor about a large political issue. While the Donald trump pornhub connection will really just live on as an extended meme today, this was quite a large event and one of the very first political videos ever posted on a porn streaming website like this.








Pornhub and this meme continue to live on in infamy. Debating on how this presidency goes, it could be only a matter of time before we start to see other videos of Donald trump on Pornhub as well!