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Created At: Sep 04,2017 | By: Tony

SideBoob Camgirls Are The Next Hit

If you’ve never heard of “underboob camgirls” or the term “sideboob” in general, we can’t really blame you. The trend is relatively fresh and involves something a little bit more sophisticated than simply revealing your cleavage. In fact, rocking an underboob is a bit of an upside down cleavage – it’s an extreme crop top that reveals boobs from underneath, almost getting up to the nipples.

It’s a little bit outrageous, very bold – and it’s also taking 2017 by storm.

If you think this look is only for sideboob camgirls, think again, as not only girls next door but even the top tier celebrities are incorporating underboob business in their fashion antics. Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest devotees of the sideboob camgirls  trend (thanks god she’s not underage anymore), closely followed by other beautiful ladies such as Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid.

And if you think those ladies are just a little bit cray and out of high fashion, guess what – you’re wrong again!



Underboob camgirls


The runways are bursting with underboobs too, from an extreme Fenty x Puma Fall 2017 collection that is full of risky designs in general, to more conservative shows including Fendi. Paris Hilton sported an underboob on the runway too, stepping into the Christian Cowan show wearing a teeny-tiny, star-emblazoned crop top.


So why is this look so popular? Experts have different possible explanations.


For instance, Amy Odell, editor of Cosmopolitan.com, suggests that it’s all about the desire of modern women to look effortlessly sexy all the time. She says: “If you’re seeing more underboob now, it could be seen as an extension of the crop top or cut-out trends that — while not new trends — have been very popular over the past few years. What those trends proved is that just a sliver of exposed skin in an unexpected place can be very, very sexy.”


Festival fashion is also truly embracing the #freethenipple trend – just browse through Ariel Winter’s Instagram and have a look at her Coachella outfits to see what we mean.


Amy Odell has something to say about those as well: "At music festivals, attendees are always looking for edgy new ways to express their sense of style. Young women see Coachella as a place where they can dress up in a fun outfit they might feel they can’t wear any other place. Also, it’s really hot at most festivals."


This is not to say that underboob is an entirely new trend, as really it first surfaced almost 10 years ago. The aforementioned Paris Hilton even sported the look on the Vogue Paris 2006 cover (how fancy!), while Beyonce has embraced the look quite a few times in her music videos.


So if you’re into underboob camgirls – you’re in trend! Cheers to amazing ladies who perform their webcam shows sporting underboob outfits. These shows are definitely trending, so get the coins ready for your favourite underboob camgirls and tune into your favourite private room. As a popular quote goes, the show must go on!


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